Wednesday, 18 January 2012


My favourite store in Los Angeles, has to be, without any doubt, Maxfield. Located in West Hollywood, to be more accurate in the number 8825 on Melrose Avenue, this multi brand lifestyle store is fully packed with hidden gems among vintage one of a kind pieces and the most subversive selection of clothes of designers like Rick Owens, The Row or Ann Demmeulemeester! With a stark noir and moody setting, crystal cabinets display monkey heads with tiaras and taxidermia in danger of extinction species dressed to the nines overlooking the clientele, whose majority are A-listers. If you want to see Jude Law or Lindsay Lohan, head down to Maxfield and enjoy the experience of a lifetime, in how desperation mixed with money can turn into anxiety and no criteria whatsoever. She was buying a dreadful ensemble design for a flat chested kind of girl, he was buying clothes ideally made for Marilyn Manson. If to all this circus-like experience you sum up the fact that when you enter the side entrance(also the parking) you feel like arriving into Papua New Guinea or  the Pascua Island, caused by a gigantic, strategically placed, number of Monkey stone sculptures seating and waiting for you to step out and laugh at, from the dissapointment that comes after your frustrated trials of buying something that costs more than your house alone! Ladies and gents, save some cash for your life, if you want to live it to the max...Field that is!